Secure & Unique QR Code Designs

Security is important when it comes to QR codes. Cybercriminals use cunning tactics such as overlaying fake standard QR code template stickers to infect phones with viruses or redirect to fraudulent websites. Their strategies are often hard to detect, especially when fliers have been posted everywhere, or, wherever a QR code sits unattended. Since standard QR codes produced from online templates are more vulnerable to scammers, we produce safer, more secure custom original QR code designs that are counterfeit resistant. Here's a visual explanation why an original Designer QR Codes will better protect your customers, clients and donors from bad actors who now rely on easily reproducing the widely-available QR code template styles found online:

Deter Phishing Scams

Standard QR Code templates are easily found online, which is why you see them everywhere, and are often offered online, for free. Such QR code designs are way too easy for bad actors to copy. We strive to make it impossible for scammers to locate the QR Code template you've used to create a fake QR code of their own. Our custom designs ensure it's not easy to replace your QR Code and then redirect a scan to a bad website.

Protect customers and clients from QR Code forgery with a unique Designer QR Code. We make life harder for bad actors.

Designer QR Codes Fortify QR Code Scanning Security

Complicate Scams

It would take a lot of effort for a bad actor to create an exact copy of our Designer QR Codes to execute a clickjacking scam. Our original design solutions therefore decrease the odds of your website's visitors falling victim to organized, sophisticated clickjacking schemes by making it a lot more difficult to forge your QR Code.

Unique QR codes on event tickets can even contain hidden security features that allow original tickets to be scanned and verified.

Prevent Counterfeits

Cybercriminals replace standard-looking QR codes in public spaces with fake ones and then direct unsuspecting users to download malware. Fake charity logo QR codes, for example, can easily be reproduced online then be used to trick donors into sending money to scammers, for example. This example illustrates why making it harder for a bad actor to create a counterfeit QR code is important!

As the public learns about QR code risks, Designer QR Codes demonstrate your commitment to user safety.

Signal Scanning Safety, Twice

We're dedicating to helping businesses and organizations reassure users they are scanning your official QR code, not a potential scammer's. Therefore, we also eliminate URL redirects to further increase trust while scanning your QR Code. Why? Because changing URLs during a QR code can be distressing.

Designer QR Codes are programmed without third-party URLs. When our QR codes are scanned, they lead directly to your website.

Beyond QR Code Templates

Common QR code designs found online are easy to copy. For example, scammers might create a fake QR code on a popular restaurant's menu and place it outside their business to redirect a scan to a bad website. Code templates found online can be created by anyone who has access to those templates. Protect customers and clients from QR Code forgery with a unique Designer QR Code. We make it harder for bad actors.

Unique Designs Enhance Safety

Popular QR code styles can easily be generated and customized online, making it way too simple for fraudsters to copy them. Fake charity logo QR codes can trick donors into sending money to scammers when they mimic the design of popular charity QR codes, for example. A Designer QR Code demonstrates a higher level of commitment to user safety.

Designer QR Codes Enhance Your Website's Security

Before any QR Code design project, we evaluate the destination URL for safety. If you'd like to find out if your website is secure and safe from SQL injection-related QR code fraud, complete the form below for a free report.

Quickly check if your website has secure enough headers to use a QR Code and find out if your website has left you exposed to liability on the Internet. . .

Our Favorite Web Security Teams Experts is happy to partner with reputable cyber security experts for added layers of protection.

We are here to help you keep your QR code safe. If a security issue is detected, your annual license fee enables a complete redraw your Designer QR Code so it remains secure over time.

A standard QR code is an easy target for scammers, but with you get a unique QR code that protects your brand and your customers, clients, or donors. In the event extra security is needed, we can also help with that and still deliver you a high end custom QR Code design that's 100x more difficult to forge. Our partners can also help protect databases from malicious QR Code injections on an as-needed basis. Thanks to our unique custom hand-created designs, advanced security partners, and ongoing support, you can rely on your QR code to protect your business and maintain the trust of anyone scanning your QR Code.

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